New Personal Blog

I’m not an avid blogger but I’ve been at it off and on for quite a while. My very first post was created on an MSDN Blog on February 13th 2008. That MSDN blog lasted me through November 2010 when I switched over to a hosted WordPress blog that I still use for work related articles today. But recently I’ve found myself working on more and more personal projects that I want to share with the world but I don’t really feel they fit into the theme of my work blog. So, with that in mind (and because I’m getting tired of the limitations of the hosted WordPress blog) I’ve decided to setup my own WordPress instance on Azure and start using this site for personal projects. I’ve also copied over a few of the more personal posts from my other blog sites so this one isn’t starting completely bare.

In the next day or so keep an eye out for a post about my biggest recent project, the SuperFan. And, as always, thanks for stopping by.

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